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101 Love Poems For The Ages! (Book #32) from our fabulous  Poems on Life, Love & Their Consequences Poetry Book Series!!




This is the perfect book for the Holidays! Everyone is looking for love and respect, especially around Christmas time!  Give someone you love the ultimate gift!  Just $6.95 US! & FREE SHIPPING for Amazon Prime members! 

In this economical Black & White Print Edition America’s top romance poet Geral John Pinault inspires us with another scintillating triumph in his incredibly passionate presentation, “101 Love Poems for the Ages!” These poems are taken from his first 31 books in his “Poems on Life, Love & Their Consequences, Written in South Beach!” series! He mixes bluesy poetic renderings with up-tempo love poems that will enable everyone to recall personal recollections of their triumphs and setbacks in their own love affairs! He shows us just exactly what it means to win and lose at love today! In this incredible book Geral John writes truly moving, emotionally charged and at times extremely painful poems on love and romance such as “My Rhapsody in Blue!” “Smooth as Silk…” “I Saw the Lightning, I Heard the Thunder!” “There’s a Heatwave Comin’ Down!” “Lost in the Storm That is Your Love!” “Fee to Fly So High!” “She’s All About Love in the First Degree!” “Overcoming Her Jealous Desire…” “We Treasure Love’s Mysteries!” “The Fire That Is Your Love!” “I’ll Be Loving You Now and Forever!” and the truly moving “Love’s Great Wave” that stir our hearts while they motivate and expand our inner consciousness! A spiritually Christian person, he writes about life and its consequences for each of us across time to show us everything that is good and worthwhile in our continual search for life and love today in this the 21st Century!



I Can’t Stop Thinking About Her!


Even after I’ll fall asleep all of my manly senses

Will continue to be stirred…


People are always asking me – where does love come from?

It comes from the inner recesses of your heart – it comes from within!

Sometimes it will smolder for quite some time before it bursts into flame,

But once it does do be sure to keep feeding its sweet embers over and over again!


My sweet woman is full of tenderness and devotion,

And her love for me is deeper than the deepest of all oceans!

I can’t stop thinking about her!

Even after I’ll fall asleep all of my manly senses will continue to be stirred!


Once love comes you must grasp it firmly!

Don’t ever let it get away – treasure it dearly!

A love like ours will never come again!

Just know in your heart of hearts my darling dearest that I’m not like other men!


   I don’t know why you love me so much,

But I do know that I shall always treasure the thrill of your sweet touch!

I am hopelessly lost now that all of my manly emotions have been stirred!

There is no cure for my affliction as I can’t stop thinking about her!


Geral John Pinault – August 8, 2017 © - 

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